When Career Turns Into Compassion

Karthik S H
3 min readDec 16, 2020


When Compassion Becomes Passion

When I got my first salary, the happiness dawned in, with a touch of misery, guess what? We all know the name, its called earn more. Our ambitions and our payslips never go hand in hand, guiding us to an infinite loop of unintended checkouts. Looking back at my own life, it seems like a pattern, to be very specific a generic mantra set by the so-called society called “Survival is a direct outcome of your pay”. But they tell an ant never sleeps hungry.

On a Sunday afternoon, I happened to enter this place, in the beginning, it looked like a pet theme park. An entry fee of Rs 50 was charged to us. Everything looked normal until I saw a dog with a broken jaw being served by the person named Rajesh. He also owns the pet planet. Everything sounds normal right, but hold on. The 50Rs which was collected in the beginning was the source of well being for the ailing pet.

Going forward our vision fell on a wide range of species. Each had their own tough story of origin. I mean if once was hurt in an accident another missed their group during their typical ride of migration. From a parrot to a snake everyone was under one roof called compassion lead by DR RAJENDRA SIRSIKAR(VET), the man holding the horse in the first image. Out of curiosity, I asked him, who funds this pet planet. He smilingly replied the ultimate. I scratched the surface a little more regarding the cost it takes to serve these animals. He gave me a small stat, it would take 3.5 thousand each day to serve the horses alone. I was flabergasted, why is he not charging more as the purpose was higher. But I swallowed this question as the horses' eyes were filled with the joy of love.

The last question, how can a person survive without a typical day job? I found the answer when your passion turns into compassion, life becomes fruitful. If it's not for compassion than why would a man work hard on a blazing Sunday running around the sheds to feed the empty stomachs of the unknown? Not everyone hails the same fate, my heart may not be the garden of compassion but this instance has seeded a plant in me. I am writing this post to raise a small amount of money, hoping to push his play of kindness at least for a day. If you're with me, please donate. Even a rupee counts.