Karthik S H
3 min readAug 31, 2020

Melting Mind Mantra

Let’s start from the beginning. Have you ever questioned yourself, what is the one thing that makes you complete or happy? Maybe yes, however, the answer is multiple and they’re always wrong. Don’t tell me you haven’t been through this foolproof cycle. Even after countless tries why are we failing to get the basic necessity, happiness or in other words completeness. This fact ensures that whatever your longing for, a person, a villa, a travel story or the most basic one, the craving for unhealthy food, after you get, you’re back to square one, alone, unhappy and willing to buy a ticket to another worthless journey of ambition. Are we all on the same page until now?

So even at this moment, can you convince yourself that you’re happy? Nope, we don’t have time because convincing others is always the priority or blaming others in a way is the key. One fun fact is all of us are wanting to get out of this bio bubble but arent willing do so. Sometimes a tale of the death of a dear one can generate the kinetic energy but before it is used the machine called hunger consumes it. What toll will it take for you to do dedicate five minutes out of 24 hours to lose your so-called self, or in other words to enjoy completeness?

Maybe at this point, you feel this is another boring blog. However, even the paradise at some point will gift you the same emotion. let’s get into the crux of the story meditation, the common solution to your uncommon problems. Let me share my tale, it’s been 6 years since I started meditating. To be honest, there wasn’t a particular reason, I believe in the best practice, “Prevention is better than cure”. There are a million ways to meditate but all roads lead to the same house. Day 1, I started with 5 minutes and fast forward 6 years the time exponentially jumped to 1 hour. When I started, I was expecting miracles to happen, all my assumed problems will vanish, I wouldn’t knock on the door of insecurity and all those random shit. Absolutely nothing changed, some times the problems doubled but by and by it stopped affecting me. 6 years down the line, I feel a chunk of completeness which is far better and worth than my most rated ambition. I can tell this because I evaluated my eureka moment (when your dream comes true) with those during mediation.

So long story short no matter how you ended up reading this, remember one important point, meditation is one thing, no can do it for you. If you have problems it’s well and good, if you have already won the race of life, that too is good, no matter which stage of your life you’re feeding on, this moment is right to gift yourself the tool called meditation 🧘‍♂️. Like I said earlier, prevention is better than cure and only when the mind melts, life begins. Hope you knock the door of well being soon, and don’t give me shitty reasons to skip it because our century has opened up a million ways to reach it. Lets all together break the bubble of desires, ending up with our true nature.