Karthik S H
4 min readOct 18, 2020


It takes a village to raise a child.

Just the other day I was watching the Mahabharata, one scene struck my chords, Draupadi Vastraharan. Centuries ago, the myth of assault on women had sparked and it has spiked in the doom of pandemic.

Most of us would take a sip of water, every fifteenth or sixteenth minute. While you have been quenching your uneven thirst, someone in the backyard would be trespassing the physical frame of a daughter, sister or a form of life which gave them an opportunity to exist in the first place. The unusual description I made above is simply called rape.

A fifteen-year boy forcefully vanquishes an eleven-year-old girl’s body, rapturing her soul forever. This concludes that a moment of pleasure which is defined by mother nature for the continuity of her breathe becomes a mode of destruction choking her creation, daunting the skeleton of our culture.

This story cannot be called unfortunate. Science defines a boy’s puberty is attained between the age of 9 and 16. During this period exponential growth happens in the masculinity of the body. All this is effortlessly designed by nature with an inbuilt framework. However, this framework has an additional update called smartphones in recent years. The smartphone exposes the unhandled maturity of the kid to the world of porn. This fusion is more destructive than COVID19. Lately, the phones come with a feature called parental control but most of the parents, a high percentage of them are unaware or less worried about these things as much of their time goes in weighing their karma.

Most of us are happy that we have a roof over our head. For a woman, the roof is her body. Once tampered, forever loses the charm of life. Each day, each moment the underlying truth of helplessness and the void of pain defines her present. The media gives a touch of exposure to the crime, the law definitely punishes the wildcat but the punishment cannot scrape the everlasting daunt published in her mind. And this is something which we should all question ourselves? What is justice for an assault which is more vicious than murder?

Each of us would have a unique childhood. Mine was no similar. I had a restricted childhood and always blamed my mom for doing so. This was actually a boon in disguise. Until twenty much of the lovemaking, definitions were encrypted and much of those didn't make sense as much of the time was spent in celebrating sisterhood and motherhood. Every action performed in the neighbourhood or home was responsible for the most complex neural network called character. At the end of the day, I was educated right mannerism, without a textbook or without using a word called sex. Our culture is extravagant and the crux of it defines the formula for building an ideal personality.

But times have changed now, both sisterhood and motherhood which are an essential offline entity, has become an online application. Our actions are more vibrant and destructive and as has been redeemed from the online ecosystem. The pandemic has worsened the situation, no parent can keep a watch on his child for 24/7. The eduction is streaming online, and parenthood cannot afford to lose it, as competition becomes the primary instinct of survival. But no reason is appropriate to cut the feathers of a bird willing to fly as they were gifted for her flight in the first place.

The last question, how can we tackle this? The only way out is our action. Technology cannot be blamed has the hands using it has a brain. So all of us at an individual level have to educate each other in the neighbourhood. Any action which is inappropriate should be addressed immediately. The shame should not be in using the word sex, rather taking pride to educate the individual who seeks pleasure over abiding the privacy of a sister or daughter or some from your family who trusts you or rests on your shoulder when her world is upside down. And don't tell me what difference it makes if one changes. It does, in a community of 130crore individuals, every move, every action, every word counts. Together let's build a framework where life is celebrated at every level rather than fight or blame someone or call it an unfortunate event or an act of karma. It definitely the entire village to raise a child because what he sees is what he does.