Karthik S H
3 min readJun 15, 2020


Am I there with you?

Every time someone dies, a question and an answer notify our hearts. Will I die someday? Not really how can I die? No Never. When we do an obvious mistake, the same voice speaks up, it's not your mistake, maybe destiny, you did the best you could. When someone mocks at your personality, yet again this incredible yet invincible voice speaks up, don't worry you're the best.

Where does it come from, mom or dad didn't teach us, it wasn't part of our curriculum. Do we have an online course for this? Nope this split second thought, which is faster than light, shields us from the vicious loop of depression or sometimes evaluated has an obvious state of mind. Maybe this is the true us, undefeatable, immortal, flawless. Like the wise one says energy can never be destroyed.

However, one fine day, when you wake up, you feel the volume of this voice has gone down, all of a sudden there isn’t an alternative or medicine to this state of ours. Suffocation fills in every vein of our being, the secret angel doesn't turn up. The problem is, we think it's all of a sudden. Is it?

We label ourselves introvert and feed the monster inside. We spend lakhs and lakhs to our education, which only tells us how to be better at accumulating knowledge. Does the formula of Pythagoras’ theorem ever help you? Who do you blame then? We all have been in the shoes of hopelessness once in our lives. Why do some succeed and why some fail? Since more than one has succeeded, there is definitely a way out.

The only way out is to seek help or help. Figure out which side of the coin are you. If you're fortunate to skip this phase of life, identify your closest circle and observe their soul. Eyes can hide but soul cant. A simple conversation can sprout out a solution to their desperation. If you fail that’s fine. Rome wasn't built in a day.

My mantra to combat this giant is three musketeers. Three friends, who can wash your label of an introvert. Who knows that when you tell everything is fine, absolutely nothing is fine. Who waits for an extra minute when you abruptly end a conversation. Who fights with their Ego to help you win over yours. At the end of the day, we all are same, hoping for someone to appear before we disappear. Its time to take action, because one fine day the inner angel will stop talking to you.

Figure out the right people before you figure out your dreams. Because when dreams end another dream can start but if the dreamer ends, everything ends. Hope this was insightful. If it does please share because we all think about results. Seek help or help, everything counts because when you save a life, you also save a possibility to save another one. One last question that you have to ask yourself every night before you sleep. Am I there with you?